Step by Step 

Following widespread fire, the basic need for communication, social space, and play is addressed by a simple set of stairs in and emergency shelter relief site in Cape Town, South Africa. Constructed out of a welded wire rod the colourful framework is designed to act as a tool for public engagement. Plastic bottle caps can be slotted into the front facade of the stairs to facilitate public art, play, and basic communication. Built to be able to 'release' the placed bottle caps into the main void of the stairs when necessary the public intervention can constantly re-invent itself while promoting a creative re-use of litter in the area.

When different coloured bottle tops starts to represent something else or a specific answer to a question, the stairs can start to form a tangible and live representation of public opinion in a generally mis-understood environment.


Q) After the fire, what is it that you need most?

A) Red (Coca-Cola) - Sanitary items; Green (Sprite) - Food; Blue (Water) - Blankets/ clothes; etc etc