retention ponds = public space

By covering existing retention ponds with a flat platform surface, the ponds will still able to serve their purpose while affording nearby residents a valuable public space.

Varying in size, location, and shape, these platform structures can start to serve a host of public needs at minimal cost. Here one of the platforms is converted into a vibrant ‘shoot for hoop’ space that mimics the existing colour scheme of its surrounding housing development in Manenberg.



The City of Cape Town uses retention ponds as a means of minimising immediate impact on existing services and infrastructure. Storm water is diverted into these ponds and slowly seeps into the surrounding land. This is a long term strategy being employed by the City of Cape Town as infrastructure is currently not being upgraded nor able to cope with the growing residential populations. The ponds need to be cordoned off as they pose a drowning risk for children and are often polluted in. Instead of fencing off the ponds (the City's current solution) how can these features be transformed from 'problem sites' into areas of opportunity?