follies in the veld 2.0: Hanging delight

Exploiting the lightweight qualities of our primary building material (Agave wood), a floating canopy hungs in a basin-like clearing at the end of a indigenous forrest path. Intending to evoke surprise and wonder, the suspended geometry is welcomed and at odds against its natural surrounds. 

Floating above you, the timber canopy stands frozen in time. A seemingly impossible feat that confronts your curiosity and welcomes you in. Is this a space for gathering, a place of contemplation or a timeless encounter with things not yet explained?



Attracting a wide range of people with different skills sets, from different backgrounds the FITV 2017 team set about on a fully immersive design+make process. The collaborative approach to design as a process included everything from brief making, concept development, through to 1:1 prototyping and on-site construction.

Learning through making, FITV 2.0 explored the potential of Agave as a building material.


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